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Fishing Costa Rica Fish Report March 17 2012

Fishing Costa Rica there were more Marlin today up in the spreads keeping Captains and mates on their toes trying to get them hooked up for clients. Sailfish releases were a little slow today, they were up in the spread they just weren't taking the baits.

We also did a little night fishing in Quepos today with our good friend Juan, this is always a great experience. When we got to the boat at 7pm we were a little surprised as there was still no water under the boat, so we spent an hour or so waiting on the tide to come in so we could get out and do some fishing.

Once the water rose we were off o do some hand lining, this is a different experience for those of you who haven't done this before, it's a lot like ice fishing for those of you familiar with that, just in a boat without the ice and the cold weather.

What a night we had we ended up fishing until 2 am and caught everything from a small Hammerhead shark, Red Snapper, as well as a bunch of other species for the rill the next night.


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