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Fishing Costa Rica Fish Report March 12 2012


Fishing Costa Rica today the moon is getting smaller and here come the fish!!!

Today the fishing reports from Fishing Costa Rica were back to where we like them, lots of fish raised, lots of hook ups, and lots of happy clients!

Let's start with the group fishing with us that had the less than stellar day fishing Costa Rica yesterday shall we. After strict instructions to not return until they had caught fish we loaded them up for a full day of in-shore fishing. What a day they had, this was one of those days that any angler they managed to release 10 Rooster fish, yes 10!!! this was a day that make people come back for Fishing in Costa Rica

Fishing Costa Rica offshore today on the Fastrak they had an amazing day as well as a father and son team managed to release of 10 Sailfish that the crew hooked up for them. Great work dad for making this a day that your son will remember for the rest of his life from fishing Costa Rica



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